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Leisure travel

You will find endless ways to enjoy your stay in Gijón. This attractive, modern city possesses a certain charm and a unique magic which will touch you, making your visit unforgettable.

Here you will discover an intriguing mixture of history, culture, gastronomy, sports, natural beauty, beaches, mountains, valleys and infinite activities which can all be enjoyed in this one place: Gijón. Our city will open its doors to you. Come and enjoy it all!

Santagadea Sport Talaso

Santagadea Sport Talaso is the modern thalassotherapy center of Gijón / Xixón that offers the possibility of enjoying the effects of the marine environment to relax both body and mind, enjoying the most advanced treatments. The building, located at the edge of the sea on the west beach and only two minutes from the hotel. It includes a varied leisure offer for the whole family in its recreational areas (water slides, outdoor swimming pools, etc.) and sports.


Other leisure options in Gijón

If you are looking for fun and recreation, Gijón will delight you with:

  • Cimadevilla: A place for everyone, a neighbourhood which still maintains its authentic feel. Though the city is now large and bustling, this old fishing district has charming squares and a lively atmosphere with a wide range of restaurants, all just minutes away from Gijón’s beautiful marina.
  • Real Sporting de Gijón museum and El Molinón stadium: Sports enthusiasts mustn’t miss the chance to visit Spain’s oldest football stadium. A guided tour invites you to enter the locker room, exit tunnel, playing area and press room of this grand arena. Museum displays centre on important figures and team legends through images, audio-visual aids, sports equipment and other historical elements. More information at:
  • Talasoponiente: Looking for a place to relax? If, in addition to fun, you are in need of some rest and relaxation, The Thalassotherapy Centre of Gijón offers a variety of services for the sole purpose of making you feel good. Gym, activity rooms, thalassotherapy and a children’s area are some of the options available to you while in Gijón. For more information, please go to:
  • Gijón Aquarium: Just 20 metres from our hotel, you will have the opportunity to travel the world’s seas by viewing 60 fresh- and saltwater tanks with a variety of marine flora and fauna. More information at:
  • Atlantic Botanical Garden: A representation of Asturias and the heart of Green Spain, right here in Gijon, this museum of plants showcases species from mixed forests to low vegetation, high mountains to coastal areas, all in lush surroundings of natural beauty with surprising secluded landscapes hidden within this urban environment. More information at:
  • Shopping: While visiting Gijon remember to take the time to stroll around the shopping district, a charming and lively area with innovative shops adapted to customer needs.
  • Casino de Asturias: The largest centre for pleasure, leisure and recreation in all of Asturias is right here in Gijon, just minutes from Hotel La Polar. The Casino de Asturias offers a variety of activities, from theatre to concerts, cinema to cultural events, as well as games of chance, just to name a few. More information:
  • Beaches: Gijón is a fabulous coastal city with ten beaches, five urban and five rural, the highlight being Playa de San Lorenzo. Ranked as one of the best urban beaches for sports like surfing, San Lorenzo is one of the most popular beaches in all of Asturias. Other options include: Poniente Beach, Playa de los Mayanes, Cervigón Beach, Playa de Peñarrubia, Serín Beach, Playa de la Cagonera, Playa de Estaño and La Ñora Beach.


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